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Why Use WBI for tutoring?

Studying for the BACB exam is about much more than memorizing terms. You need to explain the concepts and narrow down the choices presented to you. You should be able to formulate a picture in your head of the options and to easily explain them to anyone. At WBI, we provide expert tutoring to pass the BCBA exam. We have all taken the exam and passed it. We have been in your shoes and want to see you pass. Give our tutoring a try!

What does an individual tutoring session look like?

Individual tutoring sessions are catered to your individual needs as a test taker. We will review tried and proven test-taking strategies so that you pass on your next attempt. Questions are broken down to their core. We can focus on any section of the task list you’d like and give you some winning strategies.

Overcome pitfalls with tutoring from WBI. We will help you with some common test-taking issues:

  • Taking too much or too little time
  • Reading too fast or slow
  • Overthinking an answer to the point of getting it wrong
  • Not looking at the question in its entirety
  • Sifting through extraneous information in a test question
  • Narrowing down test options

How do I sign up?

Contact and we will schedule based on your test-taking needs!